Somerset Squared Business Automation (Pty) Ltd
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About Us

Somerset Squared is a company built around designing, automating and improving business processes. Our mission is to equip businesses with the information and tools that they need to make informed decisions to optimise their operations. We achieve this by working hard to understand our clients' unique situation, developing and implementing new processes, selecting the best tools to support and automate those processes and ultimately training and supporting the employees to ensure the solution is sustainable.


Management Team


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Simon Somerset

Simon graduated from The University of Cape Town with a degree in Mechatronic Engineering. He started his career in mobile telecommunications and then moved to industrial automation, where he focused on system design and software development. He has international experience in automotive manufacturing, from the production line through to material flow control (MFC) systems. Simon's passion is big data and data analysis together with seeking out automation to improve business profitability.


Candi Somerset

Candi is a qualified Management Accountant (ACMA, CGMA). She has more than ten years of experience in financial back-office processes, internal control implementation, system implementation and testing. Candi enjoys redesigning processes and implementing tools which help to achieve compliance with regulation while ensuring process efficiency is maintained, and business needs are met. 

Industrial Automation

We design control and automation systems to suit our clients business. We can provide everything from creating a scope of work and functional design specification right through to final commissioning, training and long-term support. We design our systems with a focus on data logging, analysis and reporting to make sure that your business is ready for Industry 4.0 and the smart factory revolution. 

Business Process Improvement

Today it is more important than ever for a business to ensure its processes are efficient, that it is meeting it's customer's needs, and it has the right data at the right time to be able to make effective decisions fast.  Our business process improvement services include evaluating current processes to identify areas that need to be improved, preparing process flow charts and documentation, implementing improved procedures and training the organisation's employees to ensure successful, sustainable implementation of the solution.